The modern world is moving at a mercurial rate. It goes so fast and at an alarming rate. Most people are trying very hard to cope. But sometimes find they cannot. For them, it is becoming a world full of worries and hidden fear. Even with the conveniences, and modern technology, there seems to be no escaping anxiety. In times like this some studies suggest going to the beach, immersing in nature. Relax and let the ocean calm your anxiety.

Research shows long-term worrying and chronic stress can lead to anxiety that could lead to health problems. Anxiety is a state of worrisome feelings. It generates tension, fear and sometimes even physical pain. Manifestation of anxiety will sometimes include loss of appetite and sleeplessness. It can grow to become a disorder, inducing panic attacks, headaches, stomach aches. 

Oceans and bodies of water have this innate characteristic that makes one calm. Maybe it is that stretch of water, the open space. Perhaps it is the blues and greens of the surrounding that possesses these peaceful properties. It is a proven fact that negative ions in the ocean air benefits your body and clears your brain. Anyone who has been to the beach will tell you that. It is like a tiny signal will switch itself on. It turns your mind instantly to vacation mode. Time to unwind and let loose. Let-The-Ocean-Calm-Your-Anxiety1

Looking at the wide expanse refreshes our eyes. And seeing the waves come in in rhythmic motion allows our minds to wander. It regulates our breathing, lowers our stress levels. The gentle breeze is so exhilarating it makes us feel more alive! But at the same time, this sight is so meditative for us as it allows our brains some downtime to reboot. The sand between our toes reinforces the feeling of calmness and getting in touch with nature. It is not surprising that this calming scene is so loved and immortalized by songs, poems and paintings.