Allergic reactions to water is not common but not unheard of. There is a water baby born every minute. And by water baby I mean those that, like me, loves the water. From walking on the banks of ponds, rivers, lakes to sitting and enjoying the view and then actually swimming in it. Though sometimes we have to be careful swimming in unknown waters. There might be sea lice – stings from microscopic jellyfish or potential allergens not seen by the naked eye. More than a few of my friends have been known to have allergic reactions. Ordinarily it would be to food like seafood or beef jerky and the like. Having allergic reactions to water must be hard. Except for this reaction, I could swim for hours on any given body of water. 

Swimming is one of the best exercises there is. It involves all of your muscles breaking resistance to the water. It builds endurance and muscle strength with minimal impact stress. In fact, swimming is most recommended for workouts for people of any fitness level. But with potential unknown rashes and allergies from swimming, can it still be safe? Allergic-Reactions-To-Water2

Some dermatologists say that there are people who are just prone to allergies. They are hypersensitive that way. Even under the microscope, dermatology images of these skin allergies show that of an ordinary allergy developing into hives differ from that of eczema. Even swimming pools, for that matter, can also contribute to itchy, allergic symptoms. Chlorine acts as an irritant and can produce reactions that are not uncommon to swimmers. It can manifest in itchy bumps or hives, redness and itchiness. Too much exposure to chlorine can dry out the skin and irritate existing dermatitis. 

Some allergies may be a result of allergens in the water. But there are cases where one can be allergic to water itself. It is called aquagenic urticaria. Contact with water causes the person’s skin to develop rashes, redness and break out in hives.  There is a case in North Wales. Katie Dell suffers from aquagenic urticaria so bad that her tears causes a burning rash. But that is one of the rare cases of allergy. Not a pretty sight.