Not every girl dreams of her wedding. But if she does, you can bet that it is planned right down to the dimpled little girl that would be her flower angel. And the place figures out mighty heavily on it all, the perfect place where she would walk beautifully like an angel all impeccably made up with all eyes watching her as she approaches to take her vows.

Some see a church wedding, a garden scene, a beach setting and the fans of titanic, well even if it was ill fated, they’d love to have a cruise wedding without the sinking part.

And what’s not to love of a ship wedding? It always turned out great in movies, right? Well, this is real life so there must be paperwork. Decisions should be made early. Which cruise, port wedding or on the boat? Check with the cruise wedding planner to know which needs should  you address and which ones they can take care of.


Make a mental note of when and where your target date is. Consider the seasons, the weather (have a back-up plan), the laws of the land (or sea. Do your research) and the in-laws (will they be there for the whole cruise or just the ceremony). Except for the very, very rich, prepare for a simple wedding. As it is very rare to have the ship to yourself, unless you planned it that way. If it’s a popular month, prepare to not be the only bride. Some couples opt to just to have a ceremonial wedding on the ship rather than the full legal one.

From the wedding, straight on to honeymoon. Where to? Somewhere warm? Jamaica, the Caribbean, Sta. Lucia. Or perhaps Hawaii, Mexico, Spain or Portugal. One thing is for sure, the pictures will be very memorable.